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Blog Tour Series Review & Giveaway- Mistake (Breaking The Rules Series 4) by K. Webster

MistakeBlogTour Mistake by K Webster Breaking the Rules Series #4 Publication Date: November 24, 2014 Genres: Erotica, Romance
Blog Tour: Mistake by K Webster
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***Mistake is book four in the Breaking the Rules series, but can be read as a standalone.***
Opal Redding has led a life full of mistakes. She left home at an early age to pursue a dream and follow her sister to the big city. Unfortunately, that dream turned into a nightmare when she landed in the clutches of the evilest and vilest of men. Luckily, she escaped. Now, four years later, Opal has buckled down and focused on never making mistakes that hurt her or those around her ever again. She went after her college degree and the sexy investment banker, Trent Sutton. For four long years, she cultivated their friendship in hopes of, one day, running off into the sunset with her prince. As graduation nears, Trent finally notices her as a desirable woman and not just a friend. All of her hard work is finally paying off. The white picket fence and two point five kids are within her grasp. Until she meets him. Thad Sutton lives in the shadow of his brother. Fresh out of rehab with a hopeful outlook on life, Thad meets Opal and is drawn to her more than any drug ever could. But is she toxic to his recovery? When Opal is faced with a decision between two brothers, the right choice and the awful choice, she finds her resolve to have a perfect life begin to falter. Will she choose the right path? Or will she make the biggest mistake of her life?
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I loved Opal and seeing this series fast forward four years. Opal pined after Trent forever and he never saw her as anything more than a friend and than in walks Thad, Trent's bad boy brother and OMG you have no choice but to love him. Thad is the perfect guy for Opal and vice versa and I loved seeing the chemistry between these two and the sex was off the charts and left you panting for more.


About K Webster

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I love my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! I absolutely love social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find me easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!
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