Monday, October 27, 2014

Unbroken by Scott Hildreth

Title: Unbroken 
Fighter Erotica Series #4 
Author: Scott Hildreth 
Genre: Erotica 
Published: Oct 25, 2014. 

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Book 4 of 4 (Book 1 & 2 tell one tale). Unbroken is the second and final book in the "UNDEFEATED" series. It follows the lives of Shane and Kace from the first book. 

As Shane Dekkar prepares for the biggest fight of his career - the Heavyweight Championship of the World - life throws him an unexpected uppercut so damaging he takes a step back and reconsiders EVERYTHING. 

In his reevaluation of life and all things in it, he migrates to where he found comfort for years, street fights and bare knuckles matches for spare cash. Risking his career, health, the championship, his relationship, and his friends, Shane must find a way to rise from the muck and mire he's living in and either fight for what he believes in, or remain where he currently finds comfort - in the bowels of society. 

Can people truly change or do we always naturally migrate to a place of comfort in hard times? 

Will Shane go back to his love, friends, and life, or will he revert to his roots and be a loner? 

Best described in A-Train's discussion with Ripp, Shane just might be "Unbroken"... 

"I've seen what exposing a man to violence and bloodshed can do, Ripp. I've witnessed it first hand. Some men take exception to it from the start, and those men can recover. The savages? The men who came from a life of violence? Well, they actually find comfort in it. There isn't a way to fix 'em, because they aren't really broken. Lemme ask you a question. If you take a wolf out of the wild, does it take the wild out of the wolf?" 

Unbroken, the final chapter in the Undefeated series. If you enjoy Jamie Begley, Joanna Wilds Reaper's Stand, Tessa Bailey, L. A. Casey, Deborah Bladon Ruin, Heather Topham Wood, Zane Zane's Addicted, Rachel Robinson, Shayla Black, Stepbrother Dearest Penelope Ward, or Down and Out Kelley R. Martin, Pepper Winters, Lexi Blake, Whitney Gracia Williams, Lauren Blakely, and Laurelin Paige, you'll certainly love this novel. 

This book contains scenes of graphic violence and sex that some readers may find offensive.


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